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Dear New Patients!

Welcome to Functional and Performance Medicine at Pinehurst Surgical!  We look forward to becoming your partner in health. Before your first visit, please take a few moments to read below explaining the functional medicine process.

During your first visit, Dr. Washington will obtain a complete medical history. The key to functional medicine is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of your health concerns. That generally entails a detailed conversation about your current symptoms, health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, and more.


At that point, Dr. Washington will explain potential approaches and recommended laboratory tests for you. This visit will last approximately 60 minutes and is intended to be an information gathering and sharing session. Dr. Washington may make some simple recommendations at this time. However, most advice will be deferred until your lab work and other information is thoroughly reviewed.

The second visit is generally scheduled two weeks later. If a physical exam is indicated, it will be performed during your second visit. At that time, Dr. Washington will also explain your lab results and other findings. This includes possible factors impacting your health, intravenous or oral supplement recommendations (vitamin, minerals, herbs), dietary recommendations, lifestyle changes, as well as medications that may be appropriate for you.


From here, follow-up visits are usually scheduled in approximately 4 weeks from your second visit to evaluate progress and make adjustments in your personalized health plan.

The frequency of visits thereafter depends on your individual health needs. We recommend monthly visits to keep you on tract to develop new healthy habits. Those who have more serious health concerns are seen more often to provide a higher level of support.

If you have any questions after reading the enclosed information, please call our office. We will be happy to assist you.

We have a few forms for you to fill out prior to your first appointment.


New Patient Forms

Our intake forms are lengthy. Please take the time to fill these out.

You will need to fill out:

  1. Either the Male or Female Intake Questionnaire

  2. Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

  3. Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Journal


Download the three applicable forms below and save to your computer. Fill them out and see below for sending them back through our Follow My Health portal prior to your initial appointment. Dr. Washington will review these forms before you come in. 

Intake Questionnaires

Return Forms Instructions

To keep your healthcare information secure we would like you to send your forms back through our patient portal.

Follow My Health Set up Instructions:

If you have NOT received an email invite:

From the Pinehurst Surgical website there is a Patient Portal tab at the top. Click it.

Press the “I need to Sign Up” button.

Fill in your information and press “Continue”. (It is recommended you use your email as your username)

Choose a strong password with at least one alpha, one numeric and one special character.

Once the list is green, you can press “Confirm” and “Continue”.

You will receive a verification email from once you have created your account.


If you have received an email invitation:

Select the “Sign Up and Connect” option.

By default, your email used to send the invitation will be your user name.

Accept the Terms of Service and enter your invite code.

Select “Next”.

Accept the Request for Access.


To send back your Intake forms:

Sign in to

Go to “Messages”, pick “Compose”.

Chose “Pinehurst Surgical”.  You then want to pick Dr. Toni Anne Washington as your provider. Attach your intake forms and send.

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